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If you can measure it, you can manage it - Peter Drucker. Fighting food waste in restaurant and hospitality chains with ML & AI.

The challenge

The hospitality industry wastes over $100bn annually in food wastage. Often this wastage amounts to the entire net profits of some organizations. The majority of food wastages are in kitchens and inventory storage. The primary reason for this wastage is that the hospitality industry often lacks the necessary tools that can accurately forecast and manage the demand-supply relationships of the customers. And the products (dishes) that customers will order during their visit.

The solution

We propose tacking the issue upfront by forecasting the customer inflow and customer choices of dishes they can order with predictive ML & AI technologies. And, connecting it through sales of respective items (dishes) and managing the ingredients of the dishes. By doing this we can handle everything from Inventory to preparing the dishes each day.

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