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Empower citizens in the transition towards the bio-economy

The challenge

Large quantities of food are wasted every day in the Netherlands. Statistics show that on average people throw away (Kg/person-year): Fruits 3, Potatoes 2.9, Meat & meat products 2.3. The good thing is that the food is already collected as organic waste, however many of these products can potentially be upcycled into secondary raw materials (monomers or finite products) instead of converted into energy. That is also the aim of the bio-economy, namely to close the nutrient cycle and try to maximize the upcycling of nutrients. Here comes the problem, companies adopting biochemicals source these form large industries while a large amount could be sourced locally from households/restaurants, but the link is currently missing.

The solution

The solution is the development of a C2B platform that connects households to companies (within a predefined range) processing biochemicals. The user accesses the free-platform where she/he finds a list of fruits/vegetables that can be collected in the specific area. The user can pick which fruits/vegetable waste streams she/he is interested in collecting at a fixed exchange rate. Odour-free and modular packagings are delivered at the user's house for free and he/she is only required to collect the selected waste. Based on the platform's algorithm, the user receives a message when the packaging will be collected. The user must leave it in front of the house door where it gets replaced with clean packaging. The packaging is labelled with a unique ID and when the content is checked at the facility, the operator must confirm the content's quality and the credits are allocated to the user.

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