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We are looking for inspired and motivated team members, which are willing to develop the future of our work environments! Preferably experience in App-Development and teamwork-skills.

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We globally secure the personal well-being of employees working from home!

The challenge

Since employees are working from home, it's almost impossible for the employer to have a detailed overview of their working environment. This makes it very difficult to test whether the work place meets the requirements of a healthy environment. To ensure employees well-being, the European Union developed standards that have to be met. Examples are illuminance levels, sound pressure levels, and ergonomics. The standards in home work spaces are currently checked by conducting questionnaires and online interviews, which is of course very imprecise and labour intensive.

The solution

We are building an innovative phone app, that can scan a work environment and tests its characteristics against the European Standards. The employer receives a detailed overview of the results, which validates for improvements to the employees working place to meet the requirements and ensures a safe and healthy home workspace.

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