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Combining work and parental life with ease.

The challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic is making us adapt to the new normal, " remote working". This trend is expected to go on in the future. However, it can be difficult for certain demographics, like parents. The current market provides two options: one is sending kids to daycare, and the other is keeping kids at home. The first option can be both a financial burden and an emotional burden because respectively daycare is costly and children and parents are more and more separated. The second option lowers productivity levels drastically. Therefore, we need to create a home-like office environment with childcare.

The solution

Carelab is the provider of a home-like office environment with childcare. We make it possible for parents to work in our quite office space with their children who are looked after and they can keep an eye on. By transforming current vacant buildings into Carelab centers, we create the possibility to extend and advance remote working. This way we make decentralized working possible, which is needed for now and the future. Carelab membership works in two ways: 1) Using the Friend System or 2) Using the Guest System. Using the Friend System you volunteer x hours as a Carelab guardian and those x hours will be returned in the form of free use of the Carelab facilities and services. With the Guest System you pay for your use. It is expected that Carelab builds a community of parents and kids.

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